london, uk. July 2015

This was my first time to London, or UK for that matter.  I have met a lot of people from here, but I haven’t had a chance to visit til this year and I am glad I did.  I had a couple of photo shoot with models here but I spent 6 days altogether in London city, but it wasn’t long enough.  I had other activities booked prior to my arrival such as attending the Phantom of the Opera and the Ghost Tour.  One afternoon, I  walked past a theater and I thought to myself.. “I really want to watch this play, so i am going to buy tickets now.”  We don’t have a lot of choices in Sydney for performing arts, you can’t really be spontaneous because of the limitations.  Walking down the West End was like trying to find my favourite candy from the candy store, the choices are endless.  I stayed at a few different hotels, from Waterloo to Deptford Bridge then finally at Prince Regent (past Canary Wharf).  So I got to explore different part of London, although the tube was quite convenient, but I just didn’t have to go out of my way if I planned other activities during my stay.

London is a bit like Melbourne (where I grew up)..Canary Wharf reminds me of Dockland in Melbourne, while Waterloo reminds me of Flinders Street..  but of course London has more space and it is a lot bigger in size.. perhaps the weather is similar..I hear that London rains a bit so Melbourne definitely fits the profile… Oh actually!! I did get a dose of London raining suddenly.. it was my final night and I was drenched while running from the Prince Regent station to my hotel at Aloft Excel London.